The Origin of 21st Century Liberal Thought

Fred Siegel

“Taking its cue from Mencken, the liberalism that emerged from 1919 was contemptuous of American culture and politics. For the liberals, the war years had revealed that American society and democracy were themselves agents of repression. These sentiments deepened during the 1920s and have been an ongoing current in liberalism ever since.” The Revolt Against the Masses, copyright © 2013 by Fred Siegel, Encounter Books, Page 41.

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Musings of a Post-Modern Woman

Virginia L. Sparrow

Mare Pacificum has asked that I share my thinking concerning the current state of America, thus this link.



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What Fruit Yields Today’s American Academy?

Listening to a raging antifa protester, a young man; boy really, I recalled words placed on paper long ago, and they were apropos: “The boy had no inkling or any concept of morality; it had been bred out of him by his college; this had left him an odd frankness, naive and cynical at once, like the innocence of a savage.” [i]


Ayn Rand

[i] Atlas Shrugged, Published by Penguin Group―DUTTON, NY; Copyright © Ayn Rand, 1957. Copyright renewed 1985 by Eugene Winick, Paul Gitlin and Leonard Peikoff.  Introduction copyright © 1992 by Leonard Peikoff.  On Page 362.

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Earth Day – Another Nonsense Nostrum of Progressive Madness

Fred Siegel

“If one were to pick a point at which liberalism’s reversal took hold, it might be the celebration of the first Earth Day, in April 1970.” The Revolt Against the Masses, copyright © 2013 by Fred Siegel, Encounter Books, Page 165.

 “Thanks in part to Earth Day’s minions, progress, as liberals had once understood the term, came to be reviled as reactionary. In its place, Nature became the totem of authenticity, a sacred realm where technology and affluence had not bleached man’s true essence out of existence. It was only by rolling in the mud of primitive practices that modern man could remove the stain of sinful science and materialism.” The Revolt Against the Masses, copyright © 2013 by Fred Siegel, Encounter Books, Page 165.

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Fred Siegel

“In Chicago, a powerful black political presence is entirely consistent with a murder rate thrice that in New York. It’s a city where the Mayoralty, controlled by Democrats since 1931, has produced an economy in which the largest employer is the federal government, followed by the failed Chicago Public School system. In descending order, the next largest employers are the City of Chicago, the Chicago Transit Authority, the Cook County government, and the Chicago Park District.” The Revolt Against the Masses, copyright © 2013 by Fred Siegel, Encounter Books, Page 198.

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Why the Unfounded Faith Placed in Science?

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

“After three hundred years the principal tendency in our century is still to believe that life is a scientific proposition, and to demonstrate how all of our concepts are but the products of complex mechanical causes that may be ultimately determinable through scientific methods.  Thus Science, in Heisenberg’s words, produced its “own, inherently uncritical” ― and, let me add, inherently unhistorical―philosophy.  But now the “scientific method of analyzing, [defining] and classifying has become conscious”―though, let me add, far from sufficiently conscious―”of its limitations, which limitations rise out of the [condition] that by its intervention science alters and refashions the object of investigation.  In other words, methods and object can no longer be separated.  The scientific worldview has ceased to be a scientific view in the true sense of the word. [Heisenberg’s italics].” ― Remembered Past; On History, Historians, and Historical Knowledge, by John Lukacs, Chapter I, Page 68, edited by Mark G. Malvasi and Jeffrey O. Nelson, ISI Books, Wilmington, Delaware, © 2005 ISI Books.

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What best captures the truth about lawyers?

“…probabilities and plausible arguments involve no knowledge concerning truth, but trial and disputation and wrangling conflict and contentiousness and everything of that sort.”[i]

 King Ferdinand, when he sent colonists to the Indies, wisely provided that no students of jurisprudence should accompany them, for fear that lawsuits might breed in this new world, this being by nature a science generating altercation, and division; judging, with Plato, that lawyers and doctors [of law] are a bad provision for a country.”[ii]

[i] Philo, Volume I, Book III, edited by G. P. Gould, The Loeb Classical Library (LCL 226), Page 459, year 1991

[ii] The Complete ESSAYS OF MONTAIGNE, Translated by Donald M. Frame, Stanford University Press, Stanford, California; Copyright 1943 by Donald M. Frame, renewed 1971.  Copyright © 1948, 1957, and 1958 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, Page 816.

Philo of Alexandria (20 BC—40 AD)


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