State on the Union

John Lukacs

John Lukacs

“…we live in the midst of a monstrous kind of intellectual stagnation, typical of a decaying civilization, and of the end of an age.  Certain institutionalized ideas, no matter how absurd, live on.  Their essence may be dead but they are far from passé.  There are enormous institutions, in enormous buildings, employing hundreds of thousands of people, with other millions as their indirect beneficiaries, incarnating and representing basic ideas in which hardly any of their employees and none of their beneficiaries really believe.  (Two recent examples of such institutions: the compulsory Education programs in the United States, the compulsory Marxism-Leninism courses in the Soviet Union.)  No matter: they go on and on….  And this is the problem and the phenomenon―not the false content of certain ideas but their adoption and institutionalization through a professional bureaucracy….”  ― Remembered Past; On History, Historians, and Historical Knowledge, by John Lukacs, Chapter II, Page 182, edited by Mark G. Malvasi and Jeffrey O. Nelson, ISI Books, Wilmington, Delaware, © 2005 ISI Books.

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