Remembrance of Things Not so Long Ago – Furor Teutonicus

William Manchester

William Manchester

“Back and back, past the Friedrich Krupps and the Anton and Georg and Wilhelm and Heinrich Krupps — and the Katharinas and Helenes and Gertruds and Theodoras, the Krupp Valkyrie — back beyond the first glinting razor-sharp bayonets, the first sluglike cannonballs, the agony of the Thirty Years War and the Black Death — back past the early black-and-white Westphalian cottages into other times, older than the written record of Essen’s original Krupp or even the Dark Ages; back to the jumbled terror of the Hercynian forest, when the Rhineland was a Roman outpost, and men believed in monstrous things, and the barbaric Ruhr lay dark under the moon, its oak and bloodbeach tops writhing in the evening wind like a gaggle of ghosts and the first grim Aryan savage crouched in his garment of coarse skins, his crude javelin poised, tense and alert cloaked by night and fog, ready; waiting; and waiting.” The Arms of Krupp, 1587-1968, Copyright © 1964, 1965, 1968 by William Manchester, Little, Brown and Company • Boston • Toronto, Page 873.

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Retired military officer; retired Air Force civil servant; retired executive, DS Information Systems Corporation; writer; researcher; reader and avid yachtsman.
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