Hanky Panky in the ‘Ville’ – An Extract from Punchy Company

Captain Solstad, 1972

Captain Solstad, 1972

“I knew a field grade officer, assigned to HHC, I Corps (GP), who dug himself a hole so deep that he fell in and never got out.  Like so many others, he’d taken to revelry in The Ville, but unlike them, he was especially careless, or at least foolhardy.  His wife, unbeknownst to him, felt compelled to write a letter of complaint to the Corps Commander, wondering why he’d been extended so many times.  Armed with this letter, the general called her husband into his office for, a little talk―Forearmed is forewarned, the wise man tells us, yet this officer was caught flat footed, with his pants down.    

He previously told his wife he’d been extended due to “needs of the Army.”   Her letter had complained that the Army had not dealt fairly with him.  She wrote, “Sir, a short tour is not supposed to go beyond 13 months.  My husband has been on station near twenty months, having been involuntarily extended once already.  He recently called to tell me he’s been extended again, which seems excessive.”

On reading this, the general instructed his Chief of Staff to inquire into the matter; after all, it struck him as odd that any officer should be extended involuntarily, and the Chief, an old brigadier, smelled a rat, too, and as is so often the case with old soldiers, he was right: the major, it turned out, was a faithful officer, but an unfaithful husband.” ─ Punchy Company, A Memoir of the Cold War, Uijeongbu, Korea, 1969 – 1974, Page 40, Copyright © 2012 by Peter Michael Solstad, Mare Pacificum, Ewa Beach, HI, ISBN-13: 9780615564159.

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Retired military officer; retired Air Force civil servant; retired executive, DS Information Systems Corporation; writer; researcher; reader and avid yachtsman.
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