Conservative? Liberal? What’s the difference?

Historian, Dr. John Lukacs

Historian, Dr. John Lukacs

“There is one great and grave fault in the thinking of American conservatives as well as of American liberals.  This is their belief in (linear) Progress.  The liberals’, ever more strained, propaganda for the extension of limitless human “freedoms,” their clinging to the Darwinist categories of evolution and “progress,” not only compromises but goes counter to their once noble protection and defense of human dignity.  The conservatives’ propagation of American power throughout the world and, above it, into space, their thoughtless belief in the endless benefits of technology, amounts to a denial of every conservative view of human nature and of its limits.  Liberals adulate Science; conservatives adulate Technology.  No great difference there.” Last Rites, Copyright ©2009 by John Lukacs, Yale University Press, New Haven & London, Page 72.

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