The president’s remark about, ‘turning the clock back’ is wrong headed…


Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

“There is no human being who has not experienced the relativity of time (though he may not have recognized its meaning); that there is a sense of time which resides within ourselves, whose dimensions may on occasion stretch to impossible lengths or contract within an instant to the standing stillness of death, and that this personal sense of time does not always correspond to the mechanical and mathematically progressing―and therefore manmade―categories of clock and calendar.  (The modern cliché addressed to “enemies of progress” who “want to turn the clock back” is, therefore, quite wrong.  When they are out of kilter with time―or what is more important, with our needs―clocks are supposed to be turned back.  That is what they are for.)” ― Historical Consciousness, Copyright © 1968 by John Lukacs, Harper & Row, Publishers, Page 250.

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