Inside the Liberal minds of H.L. Menken and George Bernard Shaw, two more Liberal Icons still much admired…

Fred Siegel's The Revolt Against the Masses

Fred Siegel’s The Revolt Against the Masses

“Mencken was marginalized, but George Bernard Shaw, his frequent ally in subjects and sensibility, and long an icon for American liberals, remained influential. Over the years, Mencken and Shaw often ended up on the same side of conflicts. Both were contemptuous of democracy, American culture, and Christian civilization, and both had a soft spot for the Kaiser and Hitler. Shaw had a soft spot as well for Mussolini and even wrote speeches for the would-be British Mussolini, Oswald Mosley. The worst Mencken could say of Hitler was that the German reminded him of a “vulgar Klansman.” But Shaw was also enamored of Stalin, and it was there that the two men differed.” ─ The Revolt Against the Masses, copyright © 2013 by Fred Siegel, Encounter Books, Page 79.

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