Liberal Actions and Views always prove Historically Destructive…

Fred Siegel's The Revolt Against the Masses

Fred Siegel’s The Revolt Against the Masses

“In Chicago, a powerful black political presence is entirely consistent with a murder rate thrice that in New York. It’s a city where the Mayoralty, controlled by Democrats since 1931, has produced an economy in which the largest employer is the federal government, followed by the failed Chicago Public School system. In descending order, the next largest employers are the City of Chicago, the Chicago Transit Authority, the Cook County government, and the Chicago Park District.”


Howard Zinn ‘updating’ of Nathaniel West’s “Pageant of America, or, a Curse on Columbus.” Zinn’s perennially best-selling version of American history boils down to the following: part one: what we did to the Indians; part two: what we did to the blacks; part three: what we did to everyone else.” The Revolt Against the Masses, copyright © 2013 by Fred Siegel, Encounter Books, Page 198.

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