Earth, once again, after centuries of doubt, is the very center of our universe…

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

“And now there exists an additional, and very significant, evidence of our central situation in the universe. Five centuries ago, the Copernican /Keplerian / Galilean / Cartesian / Newtonian discovery―a real discovery, a real invention, a calculable and demonstrable and proven one―removed us and the earth from the center of the universe. (Often with good intentions). Thereafter, with the growth of scientism, and especially with the construction of ever more powerful instruments, among them telescopes (instruments separating ourselves ever more from what we can see with our naked eyes: but of course the human eye is never really “naked”), this movement led to our earth having become less than a speck of dust at the rim of an enormous dustbin of a universe, with the solar system itself being nothing more than one tiniest whirl among innumerable galaxies. But the physicist’s (perhaps especially Niels Bohr’s) recognition that the human observer cannot be separated from things he observes (especially when it comes to the smallest components of matter) reverses this. We and the earth on and in which we live, are back at the center of the universe―a universe which is―unavoidably―an anthropocentric and geocentric one.” Last Rites, Copyright ©2009 by John Lukacs, Yale University Press, New Haven & London, Page 36.

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