On theoretical physics and the asinine belief in climate change as ‘settled science’:

Physicist, Pierre Duhem

Physicist, Pierre Duhem

“It is, as we have said, a system―a symbolic construction―designed to summarize in a small number of definitions and principles a set of experimental laws.  This is its role, useful but modest.  It is all too easy to exaggerate it.” ― Pierre Duhem, Essays in the History and Philosophy of Science, translated and edited, with introduction, by Roger Ariew and Peter Barker, Copyright © 1996 by Hackett Publishing, Inc., Page 14.


Dinesh D'Souza @ ygodinstitute.com

Dinesh D’Souza @ ygodinstitute.com

“…science has no capacity to apprehend reality itself; at best it can discover truths about the world of experience. Here, too, physical science is restricted to the objective domain, and large areas of human experience ─ all subjective thoughts and feelings, including morality and esthetics and personal and social relationships ─ lie outside its bounds. Even within its acknowledged jurisdiction, science discovers not final, but only provisional truths, always subject to amendment as new evidence comes in. If we take as truth what science today holds to be true, we would do well to remember that a hundred years ago the advocates of science adopted precisely the same position, and yet virtually every scientific proposition of that era has been radically revised or replaced in the intervening decades. It is quite likely that many scientific truths of today will look quaint, if not ridiculous, a hundred years from now.” ─ Life After Death, The Evidence, Copyright © 2009 by Dinesh D’Souza, Regnery Publishing, Washington DC, Page 204.

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