“Settled Science” is a political notion far removed from Science itself, for…

Pierre Duhem, 1861-1916, Physicist

Pierre Duhem, 1861-1916, Physicist

“Every law of physics accepted today is destined to be rejected someday.  Laws are symbolic.  They apply not to reality but to an oversimplified schema.  All physical laws are essentially provisional.  They are always applied to an infinitely small number of cases in comparison to the number of cases that escape them.  They are unceasingly modified and made more complete to accommodate the facts which refute them, but they never exhaust the exceptions.

Above all, let philosophers not forget the symbolic character of physical laws.  The magnitudes connected in the equations expressing these laws are no more than signs.  In order to interpret these signs, we need a key, a complicated key made up of physical theories.  Philosophers who wish to make use of the laws of physics must possess a profound understanding of these theories.  Lacking this understanding, the significance that they attribute to these laws would be no more than nonsense.” ― Pierre Duhem, Essays in the History and Philosophy of Science, translated and edited, with introduction, by Roger Ariew and Peter Barker, Copyright © 1996 by Hackett Publishing, Inc., Page 110.

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