Regarding ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ Political Platitudes Understood from a Christian Perspective; through a Christian Lens:

Georges Bernanos 1888 - 1948

Georges Bernanos
1888 – 1948

“We would do well to be extremely careful in the conclusions we draw in the face of the humanitarian protestations made by the modern conscience of many and of humanity: it is certainly possible that only neuro-pathological phenomena are involved.  “Let us distrust the kind of compassion that God has not blessed and that is nothing but a movement of the viscera.  Man’s nerves have their contradictions, their weaknesses, but the logic of evil is as strict as hell. The devil is the greatest of logicians, or perhaps, who knows, he may be logic itself.  The devil is the greatest logician. No logic is comparable to the logic of hell. The poor souls of the damned in hell are eternally arguing with themselves—with the greatest of logicians, whose name is the devil. Against the eternal Word—who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life—the devil is forever opposing his own eternal Anti-Word: “I am the door that is forever shut, the way without a goal, mendacity and perdition.  But this inexorable logic is in fact the sum total of all nonlogic and the perversion of all authentic thinking: “Satan is always seeking to grab hold of God’s thought. But not only does he hate it without understanding it; he actually understands it in reverse. Unawares, he’s bent on swimming backward up the stream of life instead of floating down it, and he spends himself in absurd and frightful attempts at remaking, in the opposite direction, the immense effort of the creation.” ― Bernanos: An Ecclesial Existence, by Hans Urs Von Balthasar, A Communio Book, © 1996 Ignatius Press, San Francisco, Location 6528, Kindle.

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