Concerning Human Kind:

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

“…anthropologists [have] found that the children of Oriental immigrants in America have grown taller than the children of the same parents who have been brought up in China or Japan; but they have, of course, drawn the wrong conclusions, attributing all of these changes to different material conditions―food, climate, environment.  But the acquisition of characteristics does not happen merely through environment.  It is not merely an unconscious, mechanical, chemical, automatic process; the change involves personality, aspirations, the human spirit, with its component of will.  The environmentalists as well as the materialist fail (or, rather, they do not wish) to comprehend this (Including, of course, the Stalinist biologist, Lysenko, with his drastic theory of environmental determinism).   But the basic human factor is personal, not environmental, since men may transcend all kinds of tendencies, the influences of environment as well as of heredity: as the American neuropsychiatrist Victor Frankl recently wrote, man is “no ‘product’ at all, except in the sense that his life is the result of his choices: he himself is formed by his own choices; and his education, really, means the education of his capacity to choose.”   ― Historical Consciousness, Copyright © 1968 by John Lukacs, Harper & Row, Publishers, Page 257.

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