On Progressives, Progressive Thinking, and Godlessness…

Dr. Charles Taylor

Dr. Charles Taylor

“Modern “secularization” can be seen from one angle as the rejection of higher times, and the positing of time as purely profane.”  ― from A Secular Age, Copyright © 2007 by Charles Taylor, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England, 2007, and The Templeton Prize.

As Berger puts it, “There exists an international subculture composed of people with Western-type higher education, especially in the humanities and social science, that is indeed secularized. This subculture is the principal ‘carrier’ of progressive [i.e., leftist], enlightened beliefs and values. While its members are relatively thin on the ground, they are very influential, as they control the institutions that provide the ‘official’ definitions of reality, notably the educational system, the media of mass communication, and the higher reaches of the legal system.” ― HOW (NOT) TO BE SECULAR, Reading Charles Taylor, Copyright © 2014 by James K. A. Smith, Published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Cambridge, United Kingdom, Page 19.


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Retired military officer; retired Air Force civil servant; retired executive, DS Information Systems Corporation; writer; researcher; reader and avid yachtsman.
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