An observation (and warning), and bit of advice for any and all who first enter the American Academy….

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

“As Lukacs points out, during this so-called Age of Information no one reads much anymore because few share the inclination to read.  “We have now entire slews of professional experts who read little while they write much, for the sake of firming up their professional status,” he observes.  “In this respect too, we may see the devolution of democracy into bureaucracy. . . .”  Malice is not the source of this appalling ignorance.  It emerges instead from the inability, and perhaps the growing unwillingness, to contemplate ideas that do not correspond with established, institutionalized, and accepted norms and systems.  Little professional advantage or reputation accrues to scholars who dare criticize approved methods, impugn cherished theories, and question authorized conclusions.  Those who adopt unpopular values and assumptions become immediately suspect, their work regarded as illegitimate, and worst of all, insignificant.” ― Remembered Past; On History, Historians, and Historical Knowledge, by John Lukacs, Page xxi, Preface, edited by Mark G. Malvasi and Jeffrey O. Nelson, ISI Books, Wilmington, Delaware, © 2005 ISI Books.


Xenophone 430-354 B.C.

430-354 B.C.

“Beware of the professors, and cleave to the lovers of wisdom!” ― Xenophon, Scripta Minora, Pseudo-Xenophon, Constitution of the Athenians, The Loeb Classical Library (LCL183), Edited by Jeffrey Henderson, Page xxxix, year 2000.

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