The Progressive Mainstreaming of Vice…

Mainstream medicine necessarily objectifies the body and its processes. This is called medicalization,[i] a necessary tool for the medical arts unfortunately appropriated by a triumvirate of progressive intellectuals, mainstream media, and Hollywood acolytes to objectify vice itself. This is opportunism at its most crass.[ii] This is today’s Democrat Party, a party that Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy would not recognize as their own. It is, today, the party of the absurd.[iii]

[i] “Mainstream medicine objectifies the body and its processes, and what I called medicalization extends this objectification to vice.” ― from A Secular Age, Copyright © 2007 by Charles Taylor, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England, 2007, Page 507.

[ii] “Opportunism is something for which intellectuals have especial talents because of their aptitude for managing vocabulary at the expense of thought….”  Confessions of An Original Sinner, Copyright ©1990 by John Lukacs, St. Augustine’s Press ♦ South Bend, Indiana 2000, Page 27.

[iii] “To paraphrase Orwell, some theories are so absurd that only intellectuals can believe them.” ─ The End of the Experiment, The Rise of Cultural Elites and the Decline of America’s Civic Culture, Stanley Rothman, Copyright © 2016 by Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Page viii.

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

Dr. John Lukacs, Historian

Dr. Charles Taylor

Dr. Charles Taylor

Scholar Stanley Rothman, 1927 - 2011

Scholar Stanley Rothman, 1927 – 2011

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