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“During the twentieth century the capacity and the practice of listening have deteriorated. In all walks of life, in all kinds of circumstances, the capacity of attention has become disrupted and curtailed because of the incredible―literally incredible―amount of noise and sounds and music and words and slogans whirling around people’s heads and ears.” – Lukacs

In this regard, the press ought to abandon their stubborn use of the term “radical” when writing or speaking about Islamic terror. There is no radical in Islam. The entire religion is radical, and to its most intimate core, to … Continue reading

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The following is presented during the Christmas Season not out of hubris or narcissism, but from an insatiable curiosity to know – Peter Solstad

“The known and visible and measurable conditions of the universe are not anterior but consequent to our existence and to our consciousness.  The universe is such as it is because at the center of it there exist conscious and participant … Continue reading

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