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In a Secular Age How Does One Come to Believe in the Transcendent; God?

“How should one come to believe God? By learning that all other things change but he is unchangeable.” — Philo, Volume I, Book II, edited by G. P. Gould, The Loeb Classical Library (LCL 226), Page 281, year 1991.

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Some anecdotal reminders of the enormity of WWII, a history largely untaught by the American Academy (our public school system), and of which many might unthinkingly say, “Mistakes were made”.

“September 1, 1939, was the first day of a war that would claim an average 27,600 lives every day, or 1,150 an hour, or 19 a minute, or one death every 3 seconds.” [i] “In September 1939, the U.S. Army … Continue reading

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Willie Pete! – White Phosphorus, an anecdote and antedote for any who might claim, “Serving in combat positions is an equal opportunity”

“American artillery swept the slopes with white phosphorous, silhouetting the attackers and splattering Krauts, Teds, and Blonds with incandescent flakes. A speck the size of a pinhead would burn clean through a man’s leg unless plucked out with forceps or … Continue reading

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