Regarding the book I, Rigoberta Menchu…

“As the proverb tells us that a single drop from the largest vessel suffices to tell us the nature of the whole contents, so we should regard the subject now under discussion.  When we find one or two false statements in a book and they prove to be deliberate ones, it is evident that not a word written by such an author is any longer certain and reliable.” [i]


“For naturally the fact is that one makes falsehood more credible if one mixes a little truth with it…” [ii]

and so…

The story of Rigoberta Menchu, a Quiche [K’iche’] Mayan from Guatemala, whose autobiography catapulted her to international fame, won her the Nobel Peace Prize, and made her an international emblem of the dispossessed indigenous peoples of the Western hemisphere and their attempt to rebel against the oppression of European conquerors, has now been exposed as a political fabrication, a tissue of lies, and one of the greatest intellectual and academic hoaxes of the Twentieth Century. — David Horowitz



I, Rogobert Menchu

[i] Polybius, The Histories, Volume IV, The Loeb Classical Library (LCL 138), Book XII, Page369, year 2000.

[ii] Polybius, The Histories, Volume VI, The Loeb Classical Library (LCL 161), Book XXXIV, Page299, year 2000.

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