On Sexual Innuendo, the News, and more…

The recent spate of sexually laced accusations elicits the following observation: “Are we not brutes to call brutish the operation that makes us?” [i]  Also, the litigious wrangling conversations spinning all about our heads concerning this nonsense focuses the contribution of lawyers, their “…probabilities and plausible arguments involve no knowledge concerning truth, but trial and disputation and wrangling conflict and contentiousness and everything of that sort.” [ii] Add to these the current tendency to normalize homosexuality; to mainstream that specific mental disorder via such things as so-called gay marriage, and confusion grows, at least in rational minds. The ancients had it right all along: “A fool is he who lusts with lustful mind, Lusting lustily.” [iii] The most egregiously bad sexual behavior is normalized while more natural sexuality is concurrently criminalized. Yes, unwanted advances by men against women are intolerable. No rational person will deny that. However, where do we draw the line? Today’s conversations, commercials, slogans, and entertainment, so-called, advance the abnormal; the bad; the recently criminal behavior, which denigrates normality itself. There is great danger in this; great danger to one and all. There is much to consider. And, there is always more.


[i] The Complete ESSAYS OF MONTAIGNE, translated by Donald M. Frame, Stanford University Press, Stanford, California; Copyright 1943 by Donald M. Frame, renewed 1971.  Copyright © 1948, 1957, and 1958 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, Page 669.

[ii] Philo, Volume I, Book III, edited by G. P. Gould, The Loeb Classical Library (LCL 226), Page 459, year 1991.

[iii] Remains of Old Latin, Volume I, Ennius and Caecilius, with English translation by E. H. Warmington, Harvard University Press, Loeb Classical Library (294), revised and reprinted 1956, 1961, 1967, 1979, 1988, 2006, Page 331.

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Retired military officer; retired Air Force civil servant; retired executive, DS Information Systems Corporation; writer; researcher; reader and avid yachtsman.
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