Where is the Current Impeachment Nutroll Leading? It Is Leading One and All to a Very Dark Place.

The American Civil War began when Confederate forces opened fire on Union forces at Fort Sumter, 12 April 1861. It raged until 9 April 1865, ending after the confederacy was hammered into submission by the Union, which came at Appomattox. The price? 620,000 + American soldiers dead, more than all other wars combined fought by Americans to date. The Democrat’s modus operandi is now, once again, one of trial and disputation, wrangling conflict, and everything of that sort. Their conduct is, as in that sordid past,  leading inevitably to another bloody civil war. It was Democrats then and it is Democrats now. We are closer than we might think to the brink. As stirred by the Democrats, the political currents will encounter their event horizon. Once reached, an irreversible descent into another civil bloodbath will occur; nothing can stop it. Civil war will result, and God only knows what will follow. The battle between the states was not about North and South. It was about Democrat versus Republican. It was about the Democrat desire to preserve the institution of slavery in a receding agrarian world, a primitive society no longer viable by any measure. It was born of unimaginable selfishness, which we see on display now throughout the Democrat Party.  The one and only thing the Democrat Party values is power, and they will do anyting under the sun to acquire and exercise it, including the selling of their souls.

About Michael

Retired military officer; retired Air Force civil servant; retired executive, DS Information Systems Corporation; writer; researcher; reader and avid yachtsman.
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